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Not only learning school for Indian raga-music based in Kolkata, Shrutinandan is a new concept: a unique methodology of teaching Indian vocal music that makes the fusion of tradition with modernity.

Shrutinandan is a centre of excellence for educating individual needs of Indian Raga music - commonly known as Classical music, both Hindustani and Karnatic, beyond 'gharana' (regional variables) fragmentations; and most importantly through 'Guru-Shishya parampara' (teacher-student inheritance).

Shrutinandan is the institution for learning all forms of Indian music [students admitted from age 5] including its basics. The school doesn't believe in distributing music diplomas only, but converts budding musical minds to real performers of professional standard.

Shrutinandan offers in-premise and on-line tutelage under the guidance of Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, the 'Creator', and a legend of Indian classical music by his own merits.
Guru Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty is a dedicated human soul, a born teacher, Panditji, with dreams of nurturing young talents till they can walk independently on the global musical highway. Guru Pandit Ajoy is a strong believer of breaking regional variables (‘gharanas’) to reach out to the global musical arena as ‘The Guru’ at Shrutinandan.
Above all Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty is a visionary, the guru.

  • “Tidbits” and explanations of the traditional Indian form of music at SHRUTINANDAN…
  • ’Shruti’ means listening; it also means the ‘Vedas.’ The Vedas were transmitted in terms of oral and aural tradition.
  • Music is essentially learned and transmitted orally and heard with the ears, taught by gurus.
  • ’Nandan’ implies aesthetically pleasant. It means child as well.
  • Indian Raga music, any music of any age and any time, is shrutinandan, a child of orality and obviously of pleasure. And so an institution of teaching and learning Indian classical music could never have any name other than Shrutinandan.
  • The music institution, Shrutinandan, teaches its students the fundamentals of vocal music, which is the prime source of all kinds of music in India.
  • Traditionally Indian raga music was taught by the gurus to their shisyas—solo or in groups; and the shisyas had to stay at the gurus’ place from childhood. They had to live an ashram-life under the gurus’ supervision, leaving their parents behind. It was almost a religious teaching methodology.
  • Times have changed. Life hardly gives us the chances as in earlier days. Hence, Indian classical musical development is in a dilemma as far as transferring the treasures to the newer generation is concerned.
  • This is why Shrutinandan is here… with an aim to provide the much needed space for coming generations to “be” and ' be in' the rich heritage of Indian classical music.

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